Farm Table Series


The Dish: So every Wednesday this year, Little Savannah has hand selected our Local ‘Celeb’ Chefs, Farmers, Breweries, and Wineries to help prepare and sit with a few of our neighbors for a three-course family-style supper.  The suppers are locally sourced and provide time for guests to mingle, ask questions, and have the opportunity to sit face- to-face with their Community.

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2014 Schedule

Who? Maureen Holt

What? We invite one of our local farmers/purveyors/ Community Guest Chef, Wineries, Breweries to join our neighbors and friends for a three-course family-style supper.

Price?   Each supper is priced differently according to which type of supper it is.  Beer, Wine, and 501 C3 suppers include some alcohol and donation, however the Community Farm Table Suppers supporting the Farmers during the Summer through the Fall, are $35 per person, excluding alcohol, tax, and gratuity.

When? Every Wednesday @ 6:30pm beginning January 2013

Where? Little Savannah Restaurant And Bar - 3811 Clairmont Ave South - Birmingham, AL 35222

Why? Because we want to bring people in Alabama closer to both their food and community.

How? Call us @ (205)591-1119 to reserve your seat.  We do require and credit card number and email to secure your reservation.  We ask that any cancellations to be made are within 48 hours of the supper do to the limited number of seats we must prepare for.